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Fixed: The height of the Manage Library Fields tool was not correct on some displays.
Changed: "Modify Rules" is renamed "Edit Rules" on TV subscription wizard page.
Fixed: Hauppauge HD PVR 2 Game Edition Plus did not work.Changed: The average frame rate calculation for Theater View rendering is more accurate.Fixed: Flickering screen on the edges when playing video on certain computers in Red October Standard, in build.Changed: Many UI changes in the new Engen setup dialog (Options / Remote Control / Engen Setup).Changed: Eliminated unnecessary graph-building and tearing down when recording or running time-shifting on analog television tuner/capture devices.Changed: Removed the "experimental" tag from the SoX option.Fixed: Time-shifting and recording in jtv format did not work for Hauppauge hdpvr/Colossus/hdpvr2 video capture devices (if the device audio format was AAC).Changed: When evaluating TV recording file path expressions at the end of recording, empty fields will use "Unknown xxxxx" to avoid creating an empty string for a folder name, and to match the behavior in "Rename, Move, Copy" tool.Changed: Decimal database fields always show a fixed number of decimal places.
Fixed: When playing a music channel on an OpenCable tuner (such as a Comcast Music Choice channel) on a client, MC went into a long buffering pause shortly after playback started, and would not resume for a long time unless intervened by user.
Fixed: Engen setup for playback shows a "working." popup with a Cancel button that wasn't working.
Changed: Made Theater View searching for sidecar files include any file named FanArt with an image extension.Changed: Switched the DSP Analyzer's fall off back to the way it used.NEW: User can choose a time for MC to load television EPG in background.Fixed: When DSD files were transcoded to PCM over dlna with sample rate set to "same as source they were ending up with an unplayable sample rate of 2822400.Please report anything odd, especially with set-top-box devices.