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Pokemon gold gameshark cheat list

pokemon gold gameshark cheat list

Sorry, I will not answer questions about stat experience or DVs, because for some reason people just generate way too many questions about them.
In the list of digits, these places are marked by an asterisk.
Thanks to: Me: For typing up this document.What kinds of external storage hardware exist out there?For example, a code to change the number of TM06 that your character carries would be a quantity code.The GameShark.1 hardware and software are pretty buggy, but they can get the job done.4.8) jaykin bacon episode 3 Codes that I don't recommend using.A0 - Lure Ball: A ball to catch Pokemon hooked by a rod.4.2) Items for j00!
If you don't like it, stick in another random digit.You can use emulators, hex editors, and other tools.Deposit a pokmon with either the old man or the old lady.(Thanx to n0tn00b and Furix).6) Miscellaneous other really good goodies!Sk3lt didn't do it for.72 - Rage Candy Bar EB - TM43 Detect F3 - HM01 Cut B2 - Rainbow Wing EC - TM44 Rest F4 - HM02 Fly 20 - Rare Candy ED - TM45 Attract F5 - HM03 Surf 55 - Red Apricorn EE - TM46 Thief.To permanently change a pokmon's stats, see the next section.